Credit Report Review Checklist

Credit Report Review Checklist page 1 Credit Report Review Checklist page 1

We are always looking to Help RVA Buyers to become better buyers. Some of our content may just be a new resource that we found to share with you. This time we found a credit report review checklist from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

Have you reviewed your credit report?

Credit Report Agencies

Most everyone knows that it is difficult to buy a house without credit. If you do not have cash, then you’re going to need your credit for a mortgage. So in short, if you want to buy a house then you’re going want to have your credit in tact. However, just knowing your credit score is only one aspect of being on top of your credit. You also need to check the accuracy of your credit report. That is why we found this checklist important for homebuyers. It’s a way to guide yourself through your report.

The checklist below provides you with the tools that you need thoroughly review your credit report before allowing any bank or mortgage to run your credit. Furthermore, it is best to be aware of, and correct any issues on your credit report prior to applying for a mortgage so that you are able to receive the best mortgage rate available for you. The lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate.

Included are questions that you should be asking when you review your credit report, contact information for all credit bureaus, and if you find anything that is incorrect, there is also a sample dispute letter. Please use this at your leisure! Download the credit report review checklist PDF version here or using the link below.

Credit report review checklist page 1
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Credit report review checklist  - Sample credit dispute letter
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Please Download this Credit Report checklist from the CFPB with the link below