VHDA Free Homebuyer Class – HELP RVA BUYERS

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The VHDA Free Homebuyer Class is here to Help RVA Buyers

The VHDA Free Homebuyer class is just what you need to get started on your new home purchase because it’s designed to help RVA buyers learn about the homebuying process from start to finish. Additionally, you get to kill two bird with one stone by knocking out one of the VHDA loan qualification requirements.

Don’t be mislead by information floating around about homebuying. Yes, this information is researchable, but you should definitely think twice before you go at it alone. There is no point in taking a gamble when you’re about to spend hundreds of thousands dollars. Even if you think you’re well informed about the homebuying process, still let a professional instruct you for reassurance.

The free homebuyer class will help you get familiar with crucial aspects of the homebuying process. You’ll be better prepared for your first mortgage. You’ll alleviate some of the confusion and anxiety that comes with buying your first home. You’ll learn the entire homebuying process from mortgage shopping, to the inspection process, working with realtors, and closing with attorneys or title agencies.

The class is FREE and only requires a few hours of your time. Also, the class is offered in English or Spanish. You can choose to attend the class in person or take online classes. However, some VHDA loan programs may require that you attend in person. Classroom training allows you to interact with various industry experts for better learning about homebuying. 

You’ll Learn The Basics of Financial Management

This class will help you learn the basics of budgeting, saving, and how to create a spending plan. Learning these financial management skills is important when it comes to managing your mortgage payments once you become a homeowner.

Understand The Mortgage Process

Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or not, this class will help you learn about the home loans that are available to you. Also, you’ll learn what’s needed to start an application and how to qualify for VHDA loans and loan combos.

Alleviate The Anxieties of Buying our First Home

Financing your first home is certainly an intimidating experience. VHDA’s free homebuyer class will help you know what to expect through each stage of the homebuying process to make it a smooth experience. You’ll also learn the ins and outs of shopping for a home and the qualification process.

Who is required to take this class?

VHDA’s free homebuyer class can be taken by just about anyone. However, the class is mandatory for those applying for a VHDA home loan. As a matter of fact, you and your partner are both required to take the class. Even if some home loans do not require you to take the class, it’s still a good idea to attend one near you if you’re planning on buying a home.

It’s easy to get started. Tune in to VHDA TV on youtube.