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Free Homebuyer Education for the Richmond Real Estate Market

The Richmond Real Estate market is growing and expanding everyday. Help RVA Buyers is here to assist and strengthen the market. While Americans are moving back in to metropolitan areas in droves, Richmonders have been watching their city grow rapidly. Considering companies like Amazon were looking to move it’s east coast headquarters to Richmond in 2018, the potential for growth in RVA is unlimited. We are seeing commercial real estate move at a pace never seen before, and new and existing homes sales are booming all throughout central Virginia. Our genuine approach to offering assistance in the real estate market, led us to this initiative. We simply just want to offer FREE buyer education, that we will assist buyers to confidently make great decisions during the purchasing process.

Watching the Richmond real estate market move at this pace is like watching your first born child blossom into adulthood. For years Richmond has been on a slow pace of growth. By the same token, the city has been on a mission to offer incentive for developers to revitalize the city. For instance, the tax abatement program gives buyers an opportunity to save on real estate taxes. In addition to that, auctioning off tax delinquent properties has been a big opportunity for investors to renovate and resell properties.

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What Do We Do?

More educated buyers means that we will have a stronger real estate market. As a result of this initiative, buyers will learn about the purchasing process.

Our buyer’s blog features specific information about Richmond, Virginia. For example, information about VHDA home loans specific to Virginia. Likewise, there’s also information that can be used to buy a home anywhere in the world. From real estate taxes to improving your credit score, we will continue adding more information ensuring that we have all topics covered.

Who is Help RVA Buyers?

Help RVA Buyers, Community Driven

As service providers, we specialize in:

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Appraisals and Sales.
  • Custom Home Construction
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Property Management
  • Consulting
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Real Estate consulting
  • Title search

By relying on decades of experience, we have compiled an extensive amount of resource materials. HelpRVABuyers.com aims to be the #1 go-to resource during the home buying process.

Buyers will also find the entire Guidebook for buyers from the National Association of Realtors. Furthermore, accuracy is of the utmost importance. So we ask that all professionals to contact us with any help for this initiative.

Helping to Strengthen The Richmond Real Estate Market. One Buyer at a Time!

The majority real estate transactions go on to close, but almost all transactions have hiccups. While it is ideal to have a smooth transaction that closes on time, it is often not the case because no real estate transaction is identical.

In a market with low inventory, buyers are constantly competing to find a home in their price range. This is good for sellers. However, we often find listings with the title “Back on the Market – Through no fault of the seller.” The statement ‘through no fault of the seller’, gives the impression that the buyer dropped the ball. Under those circumstances, sellers lose the opportunity to close, other potential buyers have missed their dream home, and realtors lose a chance to serve more market participants.

The Initiative

The Help RVA Buyers initiative will make buyers better and more qualified through education. This information is completely FREE for ALL buyers. We want buyers to learn, and to become the best qualified buyers in the market. We offer free buyer education, that can be applied to Richmond as well as other market areas around the country. For example, FHA loans are good, however, RVA buyers should also be aware of Virginia home loans, like VHDA loans which provide great opportunities for first time homebuyers.

Free homebuyer education connects all market participants, and increases their chances of closing more deals. Please feel free to utilize this information. We are community driven and ask that all visitors leave helpful comments. Ultimately, our goal is to promote home ownership through free buyer education. Contact us to join this initiative or for more information.


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